Fiona and finn meet fanfiction

Fiona and Finn's Journy Chapter 1, an adventure time with finn and jake fanfic | FanFiction

fiona and finn meet fanfiction

Fionna and Cake had recently destroyed the Ice queen's tiara, so they Finn nodded and got up before Jake regretted going to Marceline's. It wasn't every day you meet the only human alive, the strongest warrioress in all of Ooo and the Finn X Fiona M for stuff in chapters later on. When boredom brings happiness; When two worlds colide. Fionna finally meets someone just like her, Finn. Is Fionna the thing that Finn's been.

She tried to jab Finn with her sword but Finn was too quick, Instead he sliced the pillow open. Finn, then grabbed Fionna's ankle and she fell on the ground. Now Finn was lying on top of her with the sword to her neck. Finn got distracted by the noise and looked back at the fallen table. Fionna's hand, then formed a fist and punched Finn's face. Fionna ran into the kitchen and grabbed one of the condiments.

Finn was running after her when Fionna squeezed the condiments at Finn's face. Finn screamed in a loud manner.

Meet their genderswap Chapter 1, an adventure time with finn and jake fanfic | FanFiction

His eyes were burning like crazy. Fionna felt pity on him. Oh glob, fine then, come here.

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Also, It smells like feet. This is definitely not our tree house. Fionna saw something that caught her attention.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction

It was a picture, looks oddly familiar. She looked more closely and saw that it looked like her beloved Prince Gumball, but Female version. She's the ruler of the candy kingdom, like, duhh.

You mean Prince Gumball.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction

You must be from the other dimensions! We've got to find PB, so I can find Jake and you can go home. I'm all about adventures! It was color blue, just like his.

She look just like him.

Finn and Fionna were walking now. They got tired from running towards the candy kingdom in search for Princess Bubblegum. She would've just stretch us there. Jake is all about stretching! Cake is like the same thing. Finn thought of how can there be another person just like them. Finn looked at smiling Fionna. Her face is insanely like his. This is just a story for fun.

It was a beautiful day in the Land of Aaa. However something big and unusually was going to happen today. In the Evil Forest, a undead being know as the Lich Queen was up to no good.

For many years the Lich Queen had been plotting the extermination of all life, however time and time again a young female hero named Fionna and her cat Cake, would always interfere. The Lich Queen had gone into hiding and was planning her next move, she spent her time using her magic to look at other dimensions, when one day by chance, she stumbled across a universe that was much like hers only in this one there was a reverse gender of everyone.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction

The Lich Queen found out she had a male counterpart in the other universe, who had been trapped in another realm. The Lich Queen came up with a brilliant idea to go to this other realm free her counterpart and fuse with him.

Together they would be an unstoppable force and they would exterminate all life through time and space!

The Lich Queen went about gathering the energy she needed to open a portal. In another part of Aaa, there was the Candy Kingdom. Everything seemed peaceful, until there was a loud explosion from the castle! Smoke bellowed from the castle followed by frantic screaming and evil laughter. A few seconds latter Fionna came riding out of the castle on Cake.

A white light flashed around Fionna's face. She stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. She rubbed her eyes then opened them. She was in the same exact place she was before. This was a rip-off! She spit the gum out on the ground. Fionna rolled her eyes, still chewing the gum. Cake is so predictable.

Whenever she gets upset she goes and plays Beemo, she thought to herself. She was disappointed though. She pulled her bunny hat off and laid back, letting the summer sun warm her. She closed her eyes and crossed her arms under her head.

She heard two screams, spit her gum out, and jumped into action. Fionna said in her head. She peaked around at the front door to see Cake and a strange dog holding a viola.

I've lived in this house with Cake since I was 9. The dog's eyes widened. Fionna raised her eyebrow and started to ask what he meant, but was cut off. A boy, who looked about Fionna's age, walked into view.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction

He looked just like her, but had a bear hat instead of a bunny one. And he was a boy.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction