Fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

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fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

We Meet Again. By: Sakura-n-Sasuke4ever. “Look at me Sakura.” Sasuke said putting his hands on her shoulders. “Don't touch me!” Sakura. I was also thinking about making a FanFiction Forum dedicated for SasuSaku Sakura wanted Sasuke to accept her, and while the time he was gone she tried . "I knew that she had liked you, since we met at the Chuunin. Sasuke and Sakura meet at their favorite park and there's an instant connection between them. It's unusual and different for both of them, but.

I realize that, it was more then that. You are so blind…for not seeing the girl's feelings for you! At first I thought you would be gone for a few weeks, I wasn't sure why you left…but the only thing that ran in my mind was that I finally had a chance to talk to Sakura…and maybe persuade her who was the better man.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

Tears stinging his eyes, "I couldn't. Please…stay with me…don't go. I can't stay here…without you. No matter what I did, she didn't really care…I just felt like a nuisance to her because I only bothered her. She was nice to not reject me…but she didn't accept me either. I know how she feels right now…because she was rejected by you…and I know the pain is unbearable to handle.

But…he meant the truth when he told her she was annoying. She was always in his way, an obstacle he had to eliminate so he could destroy his brother. Itachi was the only reason why he lived for…he was an avenger. The boy who possessed the sharigan couldn't be distracted…and open up. He had to hate…be fed into the darkness to kill his brother. He never did give the blonde an answer; he felt he didn't have to.

For someone who doesn't love her back?! Sakura hugging him when he first was hit with the curse seal. She cried for him…and stopped him.

The pink-haired shinobi again…crying every time he came back injured. I don't know how I can help you…but I'll do anything! I have to say that…this chapter was a bit too…emotional. Too angsty, I didn't want it to end this way but I had to catch the reader's attention. Now…don't think Sasuke will really realize Sakura's love for him, but hopefully he'll be able to stop her before she does anything stupid. I didn't mean to put Sakura in this state…but, it was the only way I could think of to make Sasuke love her.

I read the manga and saw the anime, and I know that Sasuke isn't that cold at the beginning…but still, after the event with Orochimaru, he changed and accepted the darkness…but he could only accept the past…the time he was happy. And, killing Itachi was his sole person in life…so what will happen after he really finished that quest…? Would it really make any difference?

Would Sasuke be really satisfied? I guess maybe…it'll be from the manga…and my thoughts on what will happen in this story. By the way, I'm looking for an experienced beta-reader.

I'm a really easy writer, I won't really care if you changed anything. You can change phrases and words to an easier and desirable content for the reader to read but that wouldn't be my story, ne?

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

To me, it doesn't really matter and yeah, so anyone wanna try out for a reader…review and leave your e-mail, plus AIM or MSN messenger!

Thanks all, Also…if you have any questions, I will try to answer as much as possible from your reviews in the next chapter.

I just think that, if you don't expect anything from Sakura and you…then you should at least tell her straight that you never intended to have her like you…so she would stop swooning over someone she can never have.

Stop having her run around, waiting for you.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

Because all it does is hurting her. No more secret gestures. No more letters that ended with 'love always.

So now it's time for Sakura to meet Sasuke's family-his entire family! False Rumor by ani. He will make sure that Sakura belongs with him and not some random idiot! He should have found a sensible approach to win Sakura's affection. Snooping through her stuff was not a reasonable idea, but an invitation for disaster! However, Sakura is just an uninterested waitress Sasuke smiles because he has never been so happy.

But, now it's over, gone, finished, terminated. She loved him in the past.

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That was a billion years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Indeed Naruto - Rated: I'll always be waiting for you by CoruscusLuna reviews Catching rain drops, laughing at funny-shaped clouds and smiling seemed almost empty when they were not together, because together T - English - Romance - Chapters: Now if you'll excuse me but I have work to do" she said storming out, Hinata followed laughing 'She is so childish at times' Naruto was the first one to walk in followed by Sasuke.

Naruto smiled looking around the place while Sasuke groaned 'Great' he sighed glaring at all the females who were staring at him and as for Naruto he just grinned.

Naruto nudged Sasuke on the side "Hey Teme look its Neji and Shikamaru" Sasuke took a look and sure enough there was the lazy ass and the white eyed freak himself. Sasuke smirked this should be interesting as he and Naruto made their way towards the two men. Hyuga, Shikamaru" they took their seats and waited patiently for the waitress, the guys told Naruto they've arrived a few minutes ago.

They all started to get annoyed at the females who were eyeing them but mostly Sasuke. They just ignored them. A minute had passed and Naruto started whining again only to have a fist connect to his head. I don't think there's a woman out there who wouldn't hate you" Neji and Shikamaru rolled their eyes but nodded knowing that any women would worship the young Uchiha. I don't think there's one girl out there with a brain' he snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone's stomach rumble.

He glanced at the guys and there eyes were on Naruto. Naruto turned red from embarrassment "Ahh. My stomach needs food" he smiled sheepishly, he didn't eat much ramen so he was really hungry. Hinata smiled as she handed a couple their orders. She turned around when she heard someone yelling, she noticed it was a man and quickly made her way there. When she took a good look at him she blushed, blond messy hair, blue eyes, quite tanned and in a black suit with a bright orange tie 'He's handsome' "Ummm…sir would you like me to take your order now" she smiled shyly.

Naruto was too hungry and all he would think about was food, so he didn't even care about what he was going to say. He stood up and glared at the small girl before him.

I" Naruto rolled his eyes, another fangirl "You what huh! Gee women you know how to fucking take your time" Hinata finally had enough she was really sensitive and soft hearted.

Fanfic ♥SasuSakuSara★[Mini] [Uchiha Family]♥ english ★

The guys stared at the girl who looked like was about to cry. Neji who didn't really pay attention finally noticed it was his cousin he was wondering why she was here and was about to ask but she suddenly ran away tears streaming down her face.

Sasuke sighed "Nice going Dobe" Naruto growled but felt bad sort of "She deserved it. She's suppose to do her job keep a look out for any customers who are hungry like me" Neji twitched he was about to hit him for hurting his cousin but decided not too, Naruto had already embarrassed them enough.

Sakura was making some cupcakes when she saw Hinata running in crying. She quickly grabbed the girl and tried to comfort her "Hinata-Chan what happened" Hinata didn't want to say anything, knowing Sakura she'll chase down whoever hurted her friends and it wasn't a good idea since she's got some issues —errrrr- anger management. Sakura narrowed her eyes, she knew that even words can hurt the girl 'Asshole picked on a girl, making a girl cry, he's going to pay' Tenten and Ino entered the room and saw their friend in tears.

She glanced around 'Damn there are so many men. Guess I'll just have to ask' She made her way over to where two men were seated, when they saw her they blushed.

Did you guys see who made one of my friends cry" both nodded and pointed in the direction where Sasuke and his buddies where seated. She asked which one of them did it; they told her it was the loud blond one. She smiled and said her thanks, making the guys almost pass out.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

As she walked towards them anyone could clearly see the anger in her eyes. No one hurts her friends and gets away with it. The guys looked ahead seeing a girl walking towards their direction.

She stopped and stood in front of the blond and Naruto of course thought it was another fangirl. The guys stared at her, shocked and so did Naruto they didn't expect that. The guys couldn't see her hair since she was wearing a hat and she tucked it in pretty well and her eyes were shadowed by the front bit of the hat, since she lowered her head.