Casey haynes and richard gale meet

casey haynes and richard gale meet

Above, Aussie teenager Casey Heynes — the year-old who body slammed his bully Richard Gale after being taunted one too many times. Casey Heynes, 16, managed to escape the blows raining down on him from the scrawny year-old Richard Gale before pummeling him into. Ritchard Gale broke down in tears last night and revealed he had also been a victim of bullying. The Chifley College student apologised but.

Alternatively, some believe the Beast does not wish to be exposed, and are flagging the videos, citing inappropriate content. This is for certain though: Facebook also exploded into action, with some horrified at the bullying, and others marveling at the Beast. One particular group that received wide reception is the group called "Casey - The kid who had enough of being bullied".

casey haynes and richard gale meet

Their purpose is to show other bullying victims that they can channel the power of the Gods if need be. A quote from Casey Heynes friend's Casey the bullied kid who apparently had no friends father reads: A link to the video is currently on the Today Tonight page and can be found herehowever it is very unlikely that a news story of this caliber will be up on the site for longer than a day.

Thus, screencaps were taken: They thought, "We've done this for years.

Kid pwnz his school bully - Casey Heynes Interview

Why haven't we made his humiliation reach a wider audience? He won't fight back, we are clearly his betters. So they approached him, surrounded him.

Thought to contain him. So it began in earnest. Taunting came first, it always does.

YouTube "bully" Richard Gale makes TV debut |

What was it this time? Whatever it was, we know it now as "Their Second Mistake. A foolish youth came forward and grabbed him by the collar. A strike to the head. The youth displayed supreme confidence.

casey haynes and richard gale meet

He could taste his victim's humiliation. He even toyed with his victim when they had the audacity to raise a hand to ward off blows. His friends, out of sight, jeered and cheered on their youthful champion.

The camera was running, the youth was giving a show. He danced a little, jabbed at his victim. He wanted more than physical dominance, he wanted to break him down psychologically. It was their last mistake. With a speed born of many torturous years, Casey Heynes lunged. Catching the bully off guard, he closed the gap between them and encircled him with his mighty hands, hefting the arrogant youth and holding him aloft in the sky, completely helpless.

With the might and wrath worthy of Zeus did Casey hurl his malefactor back to the earth like a thunderbolt, burying him in a pile of his own arrogance and shame. The youthful arrogance that rang out only moments before became stunned silence. This hallway was Casey's arena.

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His opponent lay defeated in the sand. The silence was his great cheering mob. As he circled his defeated abuser, Casey displayed a restraint that convinced one and all that this was not beginner's luck. If his opponent didn't thank the gods for their mercy, he should. Casey could just have easily laid waste to his face with a mighty boot at any time. It would have been justified. Casey Heynes faced what remained of his tormentors, hands at his sides.

Casey was no longer a victim. With a look that promised them all destruction and a trip to the underworld, they knew the fight was done.

YouTube "bully" Richard Gale makes TV debut

Casey Heynes, the only man present, walked away. Interviews[ edit ] The battle caught the attention of old media as well. Not knowing win when it calls to them, they have yet to bring the two together so Casey can finish him off.

Interview With Casey Heynes You can tell he is lying because his mouth is open. All shall side with The Beast And now the cameramanboy. The first reaction was to keep re-uploading the video to Youtube because Youtube kept deleting it. The next reaction was to email the holy hell out of the school system responsible for punishing Casey Heynes. Here is an example of the email flood that Chifley College is currently being bombarded with: To whom it may concern of Chifley College Dunheved Campus, I have some requests, and questions regarding the incidents that has recently taken place at your school regarding two students; Ritchard Gale and Casey Heynes.

I do not think I am mistaken in their names or what happened between them.

They were fighting at your school. Ritchard was bullying Casey Heynes, and began hitting him. Casey Heynes proceeded in an act of self-defence toward Ritchard and then walked away. It has been brought to my knowledge that Casey Heynes was indeed suspended for this act. This shows a very large amount of misconduct from the administration of your school.

Your website shows that you clearly have a strict Anti-bullying policy, present here: Only a small number of people saw what had actually happened. There is proof of what actually happened in this video: Here is also another place you can find the video, hopefully without it getting removed as quickly: Many many people are watching, and agreeing, that Casey Heynes was wrongfully suspended.

Then, because retards cannot leave well enough alone, the following email was spammed and sent. Of course, its always some idiot who has to tell the world that 4chan is on the case and is going to be pulling V for Vendetta bullshit. Hello Chifley College Dunheved Campus. Today is a wonderous day indeed. Know this, we will continue to slander your campus in public through internet protests and viral spreading of the video to reflect on how you have mistreated our poor Casey Heynes in favor of the pathetic Ritchard seriously, who spells his name this way?

Only the parents of a skinny, pathetic, Aussie bully. Needless to say, we want you to remove and void Casey's suspension and also give him a public apology for slandering his act of self-defense. We also demand that Ritchard be reprimanded for his poor choice of actions.

casey haynes and richard gale meet

Note that Casey Heynes was severely outnumbered. Note that the cameraboy, as well as a group of taller and larger boys were provoking this attack, urging pathetic Ritchard to continually harass and attack our convicted: Not only has Casey Heynes been harassed for years and years, and when he finally stood up to protect himself, something that has struck a soft spot in the Anonymous that have taken action, Casey Heynes was the one that was punished.

This is your last warning. Casey Heynes, 16, managed to escape the blows raining down on him from the scrawny year-old Richard Gale before pummeling him into submission.

casey haynes and richard gale meet

It was the "It Gets Better" for any chubby kid picked on in school. Because this story didn't end with just a YouTube video being passed around. The Australian media got in on the whole thing too, turning a playground incident into a schadenfreude spectacle and bringing both players into the foreground to tell their stories.

This weekend, the victim Casey went on "A Current Affair" to tell his side of the event: Which might have even been fine, if it had been left there.

But then the bully and eventual victim Richard Gale was given his 15 minutes on the national television show "Today Tonight" to cry to the world, and this whole story spun out of control. The thing is, we do feel bad for Richard.

But we didn't need the young teen paraded around on TV as an example of "violence-begets-violence" to feel sorry for him.

casey haynes and richard gale meet

As Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote when this video first went viral: