Callie and arizona meet

callie and arizona meet

Calliope Iphegenia "Callie" Torres, M.D. is a fictional character from the medical drama In the aftermath of the breakup, she meets and has a one-night stand with In the aftermath of discovery, both Callie and Arizona share their feelings. Arizona Robbins, M.D. is a fictional character on the ABC television series Grey's Anatomy, . At the beginning of Season 11, Callie and Arizona decide to have a baby by surrogate and Arizona William Harper, writer of the episode "Beat Your Heart Out" in which Robbins and Torres kiss for the first time, has deemed. Prior to meeting Arizona, Callie was involved in a series of unlucky relationships. Remember George O'Malley? How about Erica Hahn?.

Trust Carina about this. Just her, and those smiles, and that phone. Arizona comforts her best friend, this wedding is not a catastrophe. Her biggest worry right now? That whenever she gets a text from Callie, she smiles. Ever since the day Arizona got the entire hospital high and spent all her time waxing poetic about how much she loved Callie. Ever since Arizona told her patient that Callie made the right choice in deciding to amputate her leg.

Ever since she broke up with Carina and that heavy thud hung in the air between them. But Callie left her twice, first in the divorce and then when she moved across country with Sofia in hand. No one ever, in the history of her entire life, has hurt her like Callie. She hurt Matthew in unspeakable ways.

He found a way to forgive her anyway. They found their way together, despite all of the pain.

callie and arizona meet

She wants that for Arizona, she wants her best friend in the entire world to have love and peace. For that to happen, Arizona has to stay open to possibilities. Webber — my favorite Robbins wingman who just happened to eavesdrop in on the conversation — wholeheartedly agrees.

You see, it was announced early Thursday that despite a lot of fan hopes, Sara Ramirez would not be making a guest star appearance to sweep Arizona off her feet. Particularly in the early seasons, songs became tied to the show in ways that now feel permanent.

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That one is ours. I was made for you. She croons as, in a surprise ending to the episode, April marries Matthew!

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All those years after leaving him at the altar for Jackson, they have found their way back to each other. Sofia is their flower girl. Arizona is led to believe that she and Leah slept together, however all they did was dance and make grilled cheese sandwiches after watching Derek perform surgery on film.

Arizona pursues a sexual relationship with Leah but cuts ties with her when Callie asks her to come back home. It is revealed that Arizona became pregnant via a sperm donor prior to sleeping with Lauren. When she told Arizona, Arizona offered to carry the baby, but Callie decided that since they're still on unsteady footing that if something goes wrong, they won't make it and she doesn't want to put them in that position.

They agree to postpone their plans to have another baby. However, in the season finale of Season 10 it is implied that Callie and Arizona's dream of having other child may come by means of a surrogate.

At the beginning of Season 11Callie and Arizona decide to have a baby by surrogate and Arizona applies for a fetal surgery fellowship with Dr. Arizona, with a heavy workload because of the fellowship, and Callie have an argument in the waiting room, and they choose to go to therapy together, resulting in a day break. Arizona believes that the break strengthened their relationship and made her realize that she needs Callie - Callie on the other hand declares that the break gave her a taste of the freedom that she has been missing.

Callie walks away and the two get a divorce later. Callie wants to take Sofia and move to New York with Penny but Arizona does not want to be separated from her daughter so she hires a lawyer and they go to court for a custody battle.

After a long case, Arizona wins sole custody of Sofia, but in the end she ends up sharing Sofia with Callie because she thinks that 'both of Sofia's moms deserve to be happy'. Callie is referenced occasionally by Arizona and Sofia after her departure from the show. In season 14 Sofia moves back with Arizona because she misses her but also frequently misses Callie. Arizona starts a research project to figure out why mother mortality rates are so high in the US versus other countries.

At the conclusion of season 14, Arizona departs the show to move to New York and it is implied that the two may ultimately reconcile.

callie and arizona meet

Development[ edit ] Casting and creation[ edit ] It was first reported in December that Capshaw would be joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy as pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins, for a multi-episode arc. I love Jessica Capshaw, and when I say love I mean love. She couldn't be a more wonderful person, and I feel like the chemistry Arizona and Callie have feels like the Meredith and Derek chemistry to me.

I find them delightful to watch. Confused, O'Malley confides to fellow intern Izzie Stevens Katherine Heiglabout his relationship woes over alcohol, leading to a drunken sexual encounter between the two. Torres remains unaware of his sexual encounter, but becomes increasingly suspicious, and announces her desire to conceive a child. Shortly thereafter, however, she discovers that O'Malley has been unfaithful, ending their marriage. Though her personal life is troubled, Torres thrives professionally when she is appointed as the hospital's Chief Resident.

However, she soon begins struggling to cope in the role, and is demoted soon thereafter. Torres forms a friendship with Erica Hahn Brooke Smiththe hospital's new chief of cardiothoracic surgery.

callie and arizona meet

The two embark on a relationship when Hahn jokingly kisses Torres in an elevator to tease Sloan. Neither has been with another woman before, and Torres struggles with her bisexuality, and cheats on her with Sloan.

She is initially forgiven, but after an argument about work, Hahn resigns from Seattle Grace, ending their relationship.

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New pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins Jessica Capshaw kisses her, and they begin dating. Their relationship is tested when Torres comes out to her father, Carlos, who disowns her, cutting her off both financially and emotionally. When she is not granted a position as an attendingshe publicly berates the chief, Richard Webber James Pickens, Jr. She begins working at the neighboring Mercy West hospital, and when the two hospitals merge, she is promoted to an attending surgeon.

Torres' father returns yet again, to condemn her, but ultimately accepts her sexuality.

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When Torres explains her desire to bear children, Robbins expresses disappointment, and their differing stances on the matter lead them to break up.

Soon thereafter, a gunman commits mass murder at the hospital, and, relieved to have survived, Torres and Robbins reconcile, with Robbins agreeing that they should have children together.

callie and arizona meet

When Robbins wins a prestigious grant to help treat children in Malawia disgruntled Torres agrees to move there with her, as the position will last for three years; however, her lack of enthusiasm causes Robbins to end their relationship and go without her. A heartbroken Torres moves in with Sloan, and they have a one-night stand. Robbins returns for Torres, apologizing and hoping for forgiveness, but Torres initially rebuffs her, and later reveals that she is pregnant with Sloan's baby.

Robbins agrees to raise the child with her, but dislikes that Sloan will be a permanent part of their lives. En route a weekend getaway, Robbins proposes to Torres, but before Torres can reply, the two are in a head-on collision with a truck, leaving Torres severely injured.

In an attempt to save her life, obstetrician-gynecologist Addison Montgomery Kate Walshdelivers Torres's premature baby. Torres survives, and agrees to marry Robbins. After twelve weeks of recovery, both Torres and baby Sofia are discharged and allowed to leave the hospital.

Arizona Robbins

Torres recovers from her surgery, but deals with the backlash from her mother Gina Gallego 's attitude toward the wedding and her granddaughter. Torres and Robbins marry in a garden after the minister's wife falls ill, with general surgeon Miranda Bailey Chandra Wilsonofficiating the ceremony. In the aftermath of a plane accident that killed Sloan and Lexie Grey Chyler LeighTorres is forced to make the decision to have Alex Karev amputate Robbins's left leg to keep her alive, which puts strains on their relationship.

The hospital is sued and eventually found guilty of negligence. These doctors and Torres buy the hospital with the help of the Harper-Avery Foundation to prevent it from closing, and each become members of the new directing board. Everything seems to go well for Arizona and Callie, until a big storm hits the hospital now named after Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey.