Bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

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bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

His aspirations changed, however, when he met Avatar Korra, who joined Mako stated to Bolin that in order to survive in Republic City, one had to "hustle or be hustled". .. Sometime later, Mako and Bolin met up with Korra and Asami on Air Temple .. and lightning redirection, the first being Iroh, and the third is Azula. Contents[show] Relatives Mako Bolin and his older brother Mako lost their parents at the early ages Mako is sometimes dismissive of Bolin, such as when Bolin introduced him to Korra, or was eager to help with . Bolin first met Korra in the Pro-bending Arena gym, when she was caught 1 Zuko · 2 Aang · 3 Azula. This daughter probably met Mako and Bolin's father and the two decided to marry . the society could intercept the message and use Zuko's daughter or grandchildren against him. Mako It would be incredible to see Azula as the new villain.

Before the final battle, Bolin warned Korra that "Amon [was] a nasty dude" and offered her a hug before she left to fight Amon with Mako. As they hugged, he looked on with a worried and upset feeling on his face.

He was later alongside Team Avatar and their allies at the Southern Water Tribehoping that Katara would be able to restore Korra's bending. Opal is the daughter of Suyin Beifong and Lin 's half-niece. Upon meeting Opal, it became clear that the two shared mutual interest in each other. She shyly blushed upon introducing herself after Bolin remarked that Opal was a beautiful name. Later, Bolin approached Opal in flirtatious manner, much to the latter's disgust.

The Legend of Korra Bolin Lavabending

As an upset Opal walked away, Bolin got in front of her and apologized, to which she smiled and told him to just be himself. The two shared a moment before they were interrupted by Korra.

She reminded Bolin that her mother had assistance from Toph, Bolin's greatest idol, and suggested he overcome his fears. Bolin retorted by pointing out that Opal was fearful of leaving her home and going to the Northern Air Temple to begin training.

Opal agreed, saying that she was unsure of what to do, and the two embraced, prompting Bolin to happily commend their healthy discussion of their feelings and support for one another.

Bolin expressed sadness at this, stating that it was "the worst day ever. Bolin was later present with the others when Opal took off in an airship, where he waved goodbye and sadly sighed. After the defeat of Zaheer, Bolin's crude method of silencing the anarchist made Opal smile and simply state it was his normal antics.

Korra dragged herself to her feet, assuming a fighting stance. He had every intention of teaching her a lesson. He came at her, fists aflame, determination in his eyes. Korra didn't even flinch. She met him head on, sending a flaming kick to the chest his way. He dropped like a stone, the wind knocked out of him.

Korra ignited her hands with fire, her expression smug. The water tribe girl had firebended. They came to their senses, all of them rushing her at once.

Korra quickly surveyed the situation. Not the best odds, but she could work with them.

bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

Korra dodged every single blow, ducking and weaving. The guards may have been stronger, but she was faster. She flipped her body through the air, gaining enough momentum for a powerful kick that that took out two of the guards at once. They crumpled in a heap, out cold. One man caught her by surprise with a fiery punch to the gut.

Korra hissed at the pain caused by the burn, but she quickly retaliated, firing two explosive fire blasts at him.

He staggered backward, but regained his balanced. Korra didn't give up. She generated a blazing arc, slicing the air with her flames before she made contact with the man's face. It took one, two, three blows, before he tumbled to the ground. Only one guard remained. The one who had hit her earlier.

This would be easy. She delivered quick, fiery jabs across his body, finishing with a firm kick in the shins that swept his feet out from under him. He landed on his back with a "thud". Korra stood, chest heaving, as she took in the scene in front of her. Five men, including Lieutenant Hao, were lying unconscious on the floor.

Oh she was so going to get it. A man started to stir on the ground, groaning in pain. Korra bolted for the door, running as fast as she could. The man turned his head in her direction, catching a glimpse of her leaving. Korra raced through the corridors of the palace, heart pounding, her arms and legs pumping wildly. She didn't know where she was going, but she had to get away. Maybe she could find Mako and Bolin, and they could escape. She rounded a corner, picking up speed.

She heard the pounding of footsteps behind her. She didn't go through all of this for nothing. She would be damned if she got caught. She turned another corner. Come, on you're almost there… She slammed into something. She looked up to find herself sprawled on top of a body adorned with ceremonial armor.

Zuko Is Related To Mako And Bolin

Her eyes traveled further to find the person's face. A pair of golden eyes bored into hers, mirroring her shocked expression. Zuko… The sound of footsteps grew closer. Before Korra had time to react, Zuko hauled her to her feet, roughly grabbing her by her waist. She felt a searing heat against her neck. She started to fight against his grip, when he whispered harshly in her ear.

A team of palace guards came into view, breathing hard from running. They froze when they saw that Zuko had apprehended Korra. How'd she get away? Korra noticed that he had a slight limp. She just ran out the door. How was she able to get the best of you? But if he was, he didn't show it.

He simply nodded, not showing any emotion. Had she been wrong about Zuko? She knew that he'd turned good at some point during the hundred year war.

What was he going to do to her? Good day, Your Highness. He dragged her down a series of hallways, finally stopping when they were out of earshot. He released her, clearly annoyed. No one should have to serve Lieutenant Hao. Zuko paused for a moment.

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Why was he helping her? He didn't have anything to gain by doing it. He was a Prince, and she was just a lowly peasant. But in the back of his mind, Zuko knew the reason.

He'd seen her as she was forcibly dragged through the streets with her friends, to the palace. He saw her being forced into servitude, and he did nothing to stop it. This was his chance for redemption. I don't have all day.

bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

Tell Madame Kuang that I've arranged for you to be assigned to a position in the kitchens. Her fingers swept aside the red curtain that covered the doorway. She looked back at Zuko. I could've helped you earlier. Korra furrowed her brow, puzzled.

Azula lurked in the shadows, smiling deviously as she watched her brother walk away from the water tribe girl. He went out of his way, when he didn't have to. Personally, Azula would've left the girl with the lieutenant, but it looked like Zuko had a heart. How sweet, she thought dully.

bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

And then a realization came over her. Zuko was aiding the slave that she captured. He was undermining her authority. She'd intended for the girl to be punished, not become her brother's pet. She had an idea. She was going to teach him a lesson. If Zuko liked the water tribe girl so much, then he would get her. Azula would make sure of that. So how was it? Let me know what you think in the review section. Also, just to let you know, I'm currently looking for a Beta reader, so if anyone would like to volunteer, I would really appreciate it.

Otherwise, I'll just have to go Beta shopping lol! Anyway, I hope that every one has a safe and happy New Year! Take advantage of it. She looked at Roku again. Anything else I should know? It would only complicate matters. I can't do that! I can't just-" "You can, and you will," Roku said firmly. Korra's eyes were downcast as she accepted this ultimatum. She sighed, not meeting his gaze, until he touched her chin, lifting her face up.

This," he said, reaching into his robes, "is a sacred stone. It will show you what you need to see most given a particular moment. It was smooth and polished, and intricate carvings decorated its surface. Soon you will rejoin your friends in the physical world. When you need to contact me again, you will be able to do so. She her eyes were still closed but she could feel the weight of her limbs, feel herself lying on a thin pallet on the floor. She experimented by moving her fingers and toes.

Everything seemed to be intact. She cracked open an eye, taking in her surroundings. A blue-eyed girl loomed over her, their noses almost touching. Once Korra got over the shock, she took a good look at the girl. She wore Fire Nation clothes, but something thing was off.

Her skin was uncommonly dark, and Korra had never met a Fire Nation citizen with eyes that blue. There was only one explanation for it. She had to be Water Tribe. The girl stared back at her, and Korra's eyes zeroed in on a betrothal necklace tied around her neck. She had seen that before, because it belonged to She looked so young, even younger than her. Your injuries were pretty bad. She remembered their escape from the palace, followed by the terrible balloon accident. As for what happened," she shrugged," it's a long story.

Instead of a ragged servant's outfit, she now wore clothes similar to Katara's. The cut of the skirt was shorter, revealing more of the pants underneath, and the top covered two shoulders instead of one, but they were more or less the same. It seems quiet around here. Sokka and Aang went out, too. You've got it all wrong-" "I know a spy when I see one.

Wait until Katara and Toph get a load of this-" The flap of the tent opened and Aang poked his head in amidst the arguing. Korra stood up, exchanging a look with Katara?

Korra hesitantly looked around the tent. She hadn't forgotten about her dream about Roku, and was now more aware than ever of a distinctive pressure in her left pocket. She gently stuck her hand in and pulled out a smooth, shiny stone.

She gasped, turning it over in her hand. It hadn't been a dream after all. It had happened in her head but The group sat outside in front of the campfire, ready to start the meeting. Things were awkward to say the least.

When Korra had stepped out of the tent, Sokka and Mako were in the midst of a heated argument, which she had been forced to break up, of course. And although Mako had been glad to see that she was awake, he now sat stoically by the fire, refusing to look at Sokka. Katara on the other hand eyed them with curiosity, as if she wanted to know their story.

Korra didn't detect any animosity from her. Aang, though, seemed uncomfortable. He sat next to Bolin, squirming under the admiring glances that Korra shot his way. She wasn't aware that she was doing it, but every time her gaze fell on Aang, her eyes lit up and a smile crept across her face. It was seriously creeping him out. Toph was the hardest to read. She sat slouched over with her arms crossed, her unseeing eyes focused on nothing in particular.

Korra swore she saw her pick her nose more than once. You crashed into the forest and we need to know more about you. Now," she emphasized when Korra remained silent. She exchanged a glance with Mako and Bolin before clearing her throat.

She figured she'd cover the basics first. These are my friends Mako and Bolin and Were you guys prisoners? That's just a cover story. They're obviously-" "She's telling the truth. I can tell," she said, nodding to Korra. A few beats of silence passed as the gang stared at them, stunned by this revelation.

How did a couple of slaves manage to get their hands on a war balloon? You're just trying to gain our sympathy by-" "Will you just shut up and let them explain, Sokka? She ignored her brother's grumbling and turned back to Korra. How did that happen? Toph sucked in a breath. But we've all encountered Azula too, so that doesn't really surprise me. How'd you get away? We had to fight to get past her and then-" "She shot us down," Mako said. He got to his feet, clapping in a sarcastic manner.

Have you forgotten that the big mission's coming up in a few days? They can't be here when that happens. Are you really that selfish, Sokka? Sokka rubbed his temples. They already know our names, who we are, that Aang's the Avatar- they're not on our side," Sokka protested. I'm from the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka gaped beside her. But they didn't need to know that. Sokka looked at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. His eyes flickered over her dark skin and bright blue irises.

Katara and I would've seen you at some point It was definitely a water tribe name. But something still didn't seem right to him. He tapped his chin before pointing a finger at her. How is that going to prove anything-" "If she's really water tribe, she should be able to-" "Sea prunes. And seal jerky-" "Ooh, seaweed noodles!

I like water tribe grub, too. So let's assume that you are a 'water tribe gal'. Actually," Sokka took a closer look at Mako, "he kind of reminds me of Zuko. Telling the truth would put them even further on Sokka's bad side, but with Toph around, they couldn't get away with lying. She gave Mako the go-ahead. Our mother was from the Earth Kingdom. The ones in the Earth Kingdom? You hit it on the nose there, Aang," Korra chuckled weakly.

I thought the entire point of finding them was to ask for their help and tell that you're the Avat-" "Bo, be quiet! Roku had warned her against revealing her true identity to Aang, and for good reason. Two Avatars alive at once? Who knew the kind of chaos that could cause if people found out?

Obviously it's important if it's got you all worked up. I can tell, so you might as well come clean. And I'll know if you're lying," she warned her. Korra was on the verge of having a heart attack.

Damn Toph and her seismic senses.

bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

She had to find a way out of this. If she could calm her heart rate She suddenly remembered something Tenzin had said during one of their training sessions. Korra took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, feeling her body relax. When she opened them again, she had a big smile on her face. I didn't know how you would react. And Korra's a waterbender, so We'll have to spar sometime. I haven't mastered that element yet. I'm not exactly-" "No. What is wrong with you two? Will you teach me firebending Maco?

Mako rose from his seat and approached Sokka, wielding a fireball dangerously close to his face. To be honest," she turned to Bolin, "I'm kinda curious about this one myself. We could use some extra people. Sokka crossed his arms. They probably can't even fight that well-" "Wanna bet? Sokka inched away from him. But even if they did prove to be valuable soldiers- which I highly doubt- these two have Fire Nation blood. How do you think they're going to feel about invading it?

He appeared to be dazed. I'll see you three in the morning, okay? Katara cleared her throat. Don't forget about our sparring match okay, Korra? Sokka muttered to himself as he stood up and approached them.

bolin and mako meet zuko vs azula

Especially you, Maco-" "Mako. How are you with swords? I don't know how to -" "Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm actually a master swordsman, so you'll be in good hands. She's a pretty strict instructor though, so I wouldn't get on her bad side.