Bolin and mako meet their family is

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bolin and mako meet their family is

The third season of the animated television series The Legend of Korra, titled Book Three: Meanwhile, Kai absconds from the group to pickpocket, and while looking for him, Mako and Bolin meet the family of their late father. They learn that . As the airship passes over the Lower Ring, Korra, Mako, and Bolin recoil in disgust In the Lower Ring, Mako and Bolin meet their father's family, including their. Mako is a major character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, . He initially does not get along well with Korra, mistaking her for one of Bolin's “groupies” when they first meet, but later befriends her While in the capital Mako and Bolin reunited with their extended family, who resided in the city.

Zuko asks them to come with him to check on a secret prison in the Western Tundra. Form of… those creepy twins from The Shining! Mako and Bolin finally have the family reunion they have always dreamed of.

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They meet their grandmother, Yin, and she greets them warmly. That gold belongs to the people, not the Queen! For those familiar with A: I tried to kill Korra after she ruined my wedding.

San had a falling-out with his father and left home.

bolin and mako meet their family is

He wrote to them once, telling them he married a beautiful woman from the Fire Nation, and that he had two wonderful sons: Mako hands his trademark red scarf, the only artifact the boys have of their dad, to his grandmother.

They hug, and I cry many tears.

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Rumor has it, the Earth Queen is using them for experiments. Next scene, Kai is seen taken by the Dai Li secret police after getting caught airbending.

Cuddling the royal, Yin inquired if he would like to have a cherry-berry lemonade and glared at Mako when he chided the prince for being weak.

She subsequently listened as Mako relayed part of his past to Wu, though when he told them he had kissed Korra while dating Asami, Yin reprimanded him for being "naughty" and commented that he took after his grandfather. Learning that Mako had professed his love to Korra at some point, she approvingly asked if they lived happily ever after, though was told about the other love triangle that occurred between him, Korra, and Asami, prompting her to scold her grandson once again for his behavior that mirrored his grandfather's.

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As Mako finished his story, Wu declared that he had learned that women were complicated and apologized to Yin, a statement to which she took no offense. When the training session resumed, Yin was shocked to see Mako knock down Wu again with a single hit and reprimanded her grandson with a slap on the arm.


Weeks later, Yin, together with Tu, joined the last group of citizens set to evacuate Republic City. They became stranded at Central City Stationhowever, when Kuvira attacked the metropolis and had her army destroy the train tracks. When Prince Wu arrived with two badgermolesYin and the other evacuees followed the creatures underground as they tunneled a way out for them. She was pleased and flattered when the royal dedicated one of his songs with which he commanded the animals to her, even though most other evacuees did not appreciate his singing.

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Yin looked on in surprise when Wu started singing and dancing with renewed vigor when three of Kuvira's mecha suits threatened them, which led the badgermoles to attack the soldiers and crush their machines. She values their shared memories, even to the point where she was unwilling to leave her family home in Ba Sing Se while it was burning down.

In that regard, she can also be quite stubborn. Yin is an absolute fanatic of royalty and easily ignores someone's possible negative personality traits in favor of their royal status.

Kai notices a citizen of the Upper Ring laden with jewels and sneaks away from the rest of the group as they are led to their quarters.

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Gun escorts Korra to the Earth Queen, Hou-Ting who is overseeing a garden expansion on the palace grounds from a balcony. Hou-Ting frigidly addresses Korra, whom she suspects of being in her palace for a favor.

Korra attempts to reason with the queen, but is unable to do so as Hou-Ting begins to yell at her servants. In the palace, Korra appeals to Hou-Ting for help in recruiting newly discovered airbenders in Ba Sing Se, but she refuses to even consider providing her assistance until the Avatar has completed a favor of her choosing.

After Korra reluctantly agrees, Earth Queen Hou-Ting instructs her to retrieve a tax shipment from a vault located in a town just outside the city walls, two of which had already been stolen by barbarians.

bolin and mako meet their family is

Kai uses his airbending to create a distraction and facilitate his pick-pocketing of rich citizens. Bolin and Mako search for Kai in the Upper Ring and find him scamming unsuspecting residents using his airbending. Having been discovered, Kai hurriedly flees the scene with the two brothers following close behind.

bolin and mako meet their family is

The duo eventually encounters Kai in a monorail cart at which point Mako corners Kai and grabs him by the collar. Kai, however, easily escapes his grasp, sends the two brothers back with an air blast, and slips out of the cart just before the doors close, leaving them stranded in the cart on the way to the Lower Ring. Mako and Bolin attempt to catch a train back to the Upper Ring, but find themselves unable to do so after realizing that Kai had stolen their money.

Without a means to purchase tickets, the brothers decide to sleep in the streets until they find a way back to the Upper Ring. Back at the palace, Korra and Asami decide to take the airship and retrieve the tax shipment without Mako and Bolin.