Bakura and marik meet

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bakura and marik meet

Bakura faked a case of "Wanker's Cramp," described as "the most deadly of British diseases," as part of one of Marik's evil plans. He is sometimes portrayed as. Marik, Bakura and Odion took places in the quarter-finals. Marik took the guise of Namu while Odion pretended to be "Marik" as nobody had actually met him in. When the Battle City tournament is taking place, Bakura is stabbed in the arm by Yami Bakura as part of Yami Bakura and Marik Ishtar's plan to get the trust of.

Yugi and Bakura agree to a Duel with Yugi's Deck including his friends' favorite cards. Yami Bakura traps Yugi, his friends and the normal Bakura into their favorite Duel Monster cards, leaving Yami Yugi to save his friends lives.

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Bakura asks Yugi to kill him, as he cannot bear to be controlled by the evil spirit inside his ring. Bakura as " Change of Heart ". After the incident, Bakura accompanies the group as Yugi and Joey continue to battle through the tournament.

bakura and marik meet

Bakura's Ring helps them escape from a cave. Pegasus finds them and traps them in a vision of Ancient Egypt, but Yami Bakura helps them escape.

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They return to their beds thinking it was a dream. After a confrontation between the two, Tristan figures out that Bakura is being controlled by an evil spirit in his Millennium Ring, so Tristan throws it out of a window. After the tournament finishes, Bakura regains consciousness. He, along with the rest of the group, returns to school.

bakura and marik meet

Yami Bakura takes over and uses his Ring to track down the Puzzle. When he is taken to an old warehouse, he sees that Yugi is dueling with Bandit Keithpossessed by Marik Ishtar. Yami Bakura tries to break Marik's control over Keith, sending Keith on a rampage where he breaks the Millennium Puzzle. The normal Bakura takes over and knocks Keith back to rescue Yugi. Bakura then returns to school. Bakura explains that he doesn't know how he got the injury, but Marik helps him out, winning the trust of Yugi's friends.

Bakura shortly after he is stabbed. Bakura is taken to hospital by Solomon Muto.

bakura and marik meet

While Bakura recovers in the hospital, Yami Bakura takes over and escapes by overpowering Solomon. He acquires a Duel Disk and the required number of Locator Cards to enter the finals. Bakura arrives at the quarterfinals, seemingly unaware of his injury. He ignores everyone's protests that he isn't well enough to duel and boards Kaiba Craft 3 where the duels are taking place.

When asked how he made it to the finals, he tells his friends that he acquired the Locator Cards himself, but doesn't go into details on how he got them. Bakura is paired up against Yugi. When the Duel starts, Bakura turns into Yami Bakura. To avoid defeat, Marik orders Yami Bakura to let Bakura take control.

bakura and marik meet

When this happens, Bakura emerges in the duel, still injured from the stab, and an attack from "Slifer the Sky Dragon" would risk his life.

When Yami demands to know Yami Bakura's real name, he admits his name is also Bakura and when Yami cites this as confusing and unlikely, replies, "Just wait until season 5 when there's three of me running around, even the fans have trouble keeping up with that one" referencing the fact that in season five there are three separate characters with the name Bakura: Bakura was left in a coma after his second Duel with Yami Yugi. Yugi and his friends actually wanted to land the blimp to get Bakura to safety, but Kaiba refused to do it.

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In Marik's Evil Council of Doom 3it is hinted that he helped make Marik's evil plan, so that he may be called "Kitten" instead of "Kitty". Bakura is also a Lost fan, as shown when he is with Steve Luna and Steve Umbra who both watch Lost talking about the show. In Episodes 45 and 46Bakura is shown having his own red lightsaber.

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He does have some anti-hero in him as he faced Melvin in a lightsaber match and then a duel to save the Abridged Series from being canceled before he got the screentime he was promised.

He teamed up with Marik to do so but in the end Melvin won using Mega Ultra Chicken the Winged Dragon of Ramaking Bakura fade in the darkness as the fourth wall collapsed. Bakura accepted his defeat by stating he enjoyed the show while it lasted and provided the bass rhythm in his duet of 'Stand by Me' with Marik.

His final words were "Tell my fangirls However it is likely that he did this for his own evil reasons, hoping his fangirls would avenge him. It is interesting to note that aside from Bakura's very blatant attempts to inform everyone of his homosexuality, he is one of the most sane, rational characters in the series second probably to Yugi and Yamiand by far the most rational of all the villains. This is particularly evident in later episodes when he is put aside Marik and in Marik's Evil Council of Doom videos, where he seems to be the only one to realize the potential incompetence and idiocy of their schemes.

In this story, Marik and Bakura begin a physical relationship. It's been vaguely referenced in the show, though it may not be considered to be canon since the story was written for charity. Aside from Marik, Florence is the most prominent voice in the council, consistently giving fairly rational suggestions that are usually ignored by the other villains. In Marik's Evil Council of Doom 4Bakura dreams that Melvin declares him as his boyfriend, he is being voted 'Villain of the Year', that Zorc and Pals is being renewed, "Florence' is considered a manly name, and of course to top it all off, Yugi is successfully killed off-screen by Melvin using a chainsaw.

This dream aside, Bakura is shown to be fearful of Melvin, such as when he immediately leaves during an episode of Marik Plays Bloodlines after Melvin takes over Marik's body. Not to mention his general attitude towards him within Censored Town. In Concrete Giraffes, it's revealed he used to be college roommates with the Slender Man. Slenderman claims they had wild adventures; however, besides that fact, Bakura can't remember any of it.

In Bakura Gets a Job at Youtube. In LK's "Marik Plays Bloodlines" Bakura often grudgingly offers comments in the background while Marik is playing a video-game, in which his apparent attraction towards Marik becomes more pronounced. In Bloodlines 6, Marik accuses Bakura of staring at him instead of reading, as he claims he's doing.